What do you want?  Really! Ask yourself this one serious,

definitive question, “What ya want?”


Dr. JasperThis isn’t and won’t be a quick and easy question, nor is it or will it be a quick or easy response. Please get quiet, sit in total silence, and ask this question to yourself. As a reminder, it’s not about material things or daily survival issues. This question is really about the deep resonance and requires an answer worthy of the very space it opens up. What does it for you? What sets your Soul on fire? What’s your passion? Do you get your purpose? What frightens you? What draws you in? What lures you away from all others? What dares you to go for it? What continues to come back into your mind, over and over? What invites you to go in deeper? I know you’ve accomplished and achieved lots in this lifetime so this questions is about YOU and only YOU, alone. This question is NOT about anyone else…not your children, your parents, or your significant other. It’s not about your current obligations, duties, agreements or plans. This is your question and your answer! Truthfully and honestly answering this question, fully and completely, will open up places within you that are eager to be seen and released, eager to be heard and listened to, and eager to be strengthened and exhibited. It’s time for YOU!


So, again, the question is “WHAT THE HECK DO YOU WANT?” The question after the question is…”So, now what?” Call me! That’s what!  The world is waiting for you and you will require someone to assist you on your journey adventure. You D.I.G.?




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Dr. Curtis Dominick Jasper is a relationship and psycho-spiritual counselor, an interfaith minister, author, and personal development coach. He lives, works, rests and plays in Atlanta, Georgia where his main practice is located. Prior to his current positions, Dr. Curt was an awarding winning public school teacher and principal as well as a nationally recognized educational consultant. Dr. Curt has been featured as a Huffington Post contributor and in many other magazines, blogs, podcasts and interviews both nationally and internationally. He is regarded as a #SelfLoveAdvocate and thought leader in the areas personal development, spirituality, metaphysics, emotional intelligence, health & wellness, and leadership.

President/CEO- The I AM Project- I AM International, Inc.

2870 Peachtree Rd #235

Atlanta, GA 30305

Office: 770.885.2009

Email: drcurtisdjasper@gmail.com

Websites- www.youareyourownsoulution.com and www.drcurtisdjasper.com

Facebook- Dr. Curtis D. Jasper

Twitter- @DrCurtisDJasper


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