Today was an awesome day!  Something unexpected happened to me while I was working at one of my favorite hangout spots.  I was in the public library, here in Atlanta, getting my work day started after dropping my wife off at her class.  Two interesting things almost simultaneously occurred.  First, I met and shared an outlet with a young gentleman who was carrying a Chicago Bears backpack.  Of course, being from Chicago, born and raised, I inquired about his origin.  He confirmed Chicago as well as being a Bears Fan.  We joked about the Bears and got back to working independently while sharing the surge-protector outlet extension.

Then, I noticed and overheard what appeared to be a conflict arising, a toddler making loud noises, and approximately 6-8 people talking above a whisper tone all seated together near my workstation.
My immediate thoughts were of the nature of “why are they talking so loud?”, “don’t they get it’s a library?” and my final thought was, “is the Librarian gonna say something to these people?”  At once, I caught myself!  I caught myself gaining momentum while running a series of unpleasant thoughts through my mind.  I suddenly reminded myself of my intent for the day of stating only positive aspects throughout my entire day.  I even included this theme as my today’s journal entry.

I used these happenings and these incredible people who, by no accident, came or was already within my personal space.  I began to send silent blessings to the young gentleman from Chicago and the entire family working through conflict with what appeared to be a young son, nephew, grandchild, etc.  I prayed for both parties that they have blessed me with the opportunity to experience patience, love, nonjudgmental, encouragement, understanding and more.  These wonderful Beings really blessed me today!

I sent silent blessings to the family and the Bears Fan.  I softly asked the Universe on behalf of each of them to have all of their needs and wants handled.  I silently asked that all of them have love, light, health, wealth and happiness.  I finally asked the Creative Intelligence to do the same for me and again thanked all parties for my blessings of experiencing gratefulness today.  Today was a great day!  Thanks again you wonderful Beings!

Love & Light
Dr. Curt
The Maverick Metaphysician

Curtis D. Jasper, PhD, is considered by many to be a Conscious Evolutionary Guide. With the drive to be aware and the experience of the wider horizon of Reality and Spirituality, Dr. Curt has developed an extensive background in the Spiritual and Transformative elements of life; one that is both knowledge and experienced based.  Dr. Curt is a Spiritual Practitioner, a Spiritual Counselor, an activist, an entrepreneur, and an Evolutionary Educator. He is a former teacher, principal and educational consultant. With a Spiritual synthesis of education, health & wellness, personal development, entrepreneurship & metaphysical counseling, Dr. Curt is commonly also regarded as a Minister of Education.  His focus has always been to Educate, Inspire & Change but his primary focal commitment centers around the plight of the Black Male in Today’s America and how he uses the teachings of Universal Spiritual Laws to counterbalance that existence.

His new book, lectures, speaking engagements and spiritual counseling practice will all be available 2014. Follow him on twitter @DrCurtisDJasper and on his Facebook Community Page- Dr. Curtis D. Jasper The Maverick Metaphysician or on his Blog-

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