Most of us hear the word “death” and immediately imagine a loss of physical existence of a person or other living thing.  We even conjure up images of people and/or pets we’ve known that have made physical transitions of what we commonly refer to as death.  If most of us refer to death as a loss of physical existence, are there other forms of death that may or may not revolve around something once living physically but maybe in another form?

I recently listened to one of my favorite recordings involving spiritual teachings and heard about the notion of death being a releasing of resistance of some sort.  Of course, I had to take a total shift in paradigm but it suddenly began to make sense.  It suddenly began to feel sensible. It suddenly began to feel like a familiar concept and a familiar knowingness.  The phrase “Death—The Release of All Resistance” became so familiar to me that my mind felt as if it physically took a sigh of relief.  I mean, my mind made a shift as if it had been waiting for this phrase, this concept, this notion, this rationale, this understanding and this peace as something almost unbelievable but definitely undeniable.  I felt the emotional resistance literally disappear as I continued to listen.

I realized that not only have I experienced death of a few loved-ones like my mom in 2010, my aunt in 2012 and a few other friends and family.  But I also experienced the death of my finances, the death of my previous marriage, the death of my previous home, the death of many previous relationships, but also the death of mental, emotional and spiritual concepts.
Once I got for myself that the act of “releasing resistance” could be considered a death or what’s commonly referred to as a physical transformation typically reserved for loved ones, It registered that physical transitions can happen to a number of things.  Letting go of resistance is like letting go of a rope you’ve been clinching within your wrapped, clenched, calloused hands for such a long time trying not to let go for fear of falling off.

Releasing resistance for me was a lot like allowing my mind, body and soul to let go of the mental, physical and emotional rope I’ve been clinching for far too long.  I thought by letting go, I was going to fall to my own death but in actuality holding on can be the cause of death.  I thought by holding on tight would eventually allow me to pull things onto my side as in a tug-of-war game so that I could experience some sort of victory even though the opposition on the other side had been forced to fall into the ditch for my victory.

What I’ve come to know, learn, appreciate and love to share is that death is a gift when you realize that death is the releasing of resistance.  Death is the end of something old as to allow the beginning of something new to take place.  Death is the beginning of new live.  Death is a new start, a new beginning, a new journey.  Letting go is power!  Letting go is faith!  Letting go is trust! Letting go is birth! Letting go is allowing.  Embrace death as it is the end of resistance for all you’re attempting to control the outcome for.

Love & Light
Dr. Curt
The Maverick Metaphysician

Curtis D. Jasper, PhD, is considered by many to be a Conscious Evolutionary Guide. With the drive to be aware and the experience of the wider horizon of Reality and Spirituality, Dr. Curt has developed an extensive background in the Spiritual and Transformative elements of life; one that is both knowledge and experienced-based.  Dr. Curt is a Spiritual Practitioner, a Spiritual Counselor, an activist, an entrepreneur, and an Evolutionary Educator. He is a former teacher, principal, and educational consultant. With a Spiritual synthesis of education, health & wellness, personal development, entrepreneurship & metaphysical counseling, Dr. Curt is commonly also regarded as a Minister of Education.  His focus has always been to Educate, Inspire & Change but his primary focal commitment centers around the plight of the Black Male in Today’s America and how he uses the teachings of Universal Spiritual Laws to counterbalance that existence.
His new book, lectures, speaking engagements and spiritual counseling practice will all be available 2014. Follow him on twitter @DrCurtisDJasper and on his Facebook Community Page- Dr. Curtis D. Jasper- The Maverick Metaphysician or on his Blog-

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