The continual decline in the areas of health, education, family and employment among the Black community has partially been devised upon a system of design whereas this same subgroup has contributed to the phenomenal, staggering, and continuously increase of crime, drugs, prison incarceration, abandoned families & children, school drop-outs, gangs, and unemployment at an alarming rate.  Therefore, it is my position that there is no better time than the present to target this minority group within the United States but a majority group, in terms of statistics, in the areas aforementioned. It is my further position that a critically massive Divine Mastership program among not only the Metaphysical Science community, but religious, social, governmental and educational communities, be devised.  This Divine Mastership program of the complete understanding and consciousness of Universal Law whereas the Black males within the United States of America can have a tailored-made, relatable program to conquer thoughts of fear, uncertainty and discouragement by understanding the communion with their Divine Presence as the Law of Life. Many of us can agree that everything begins with a thought!

The targeted efforts of not only the Metaphysical Science community but also the religious, social, governmental and educational communities must create a Divine Mastership Life Apprenticeship Program for Black males, young, old and older, taught by conscious teachers, metaphysicians, counselors, case-workers, probation & parole officers, clergy, and mentors.  This target group will receive specific, applicable principles to live by to conquer thoughts of fear, uncertainty and discouragement by understanding their natural communion with the Divine Presence as the Law of Life.

It is my position that the professional practice of Metaphysics to not only offset the multitude of systemic challenges allowing one particular group of humanity to cause the demise of another group, but to provide the group targeted for demise a system unknown to them that would eliminate the thoughts of fear, uncertainty and discouragement thereby eradicating and eliminating the pathologies associated with crime, drugs, school drop-outs, incarceration and more.  It is my view that Black men would greatly benefit from a Divine Mastership Program thereby not only strengthening the Black family and the Black communities but the entire nation and the entire world.  The teachings by metaphysicians to encourage Black males to adopt a Universal view based on Universal Spiritual Laws with a notion of humanity and nature focusing on Mind, body and soul or spirit would be the emphasis.  These teachings will encompass values which include cooperation, responsibility, interdependence and understanding.  Without a carefully constructed Divine Mastership Program taught by highly trained Metaphysicians and practitioners outside the traditional, outdated, and sin-focused, shameful and disconnected teachings of religions, Black males will continue to be limited in areas of development which will continue to lead them down roads designed by systemic majority group members for the perpetuation of those majority members to disenfranchise an entire race & ethnicity whose many historic and present contributions built this very country.   The larger societal dynamic for Black males is that they are expected to function successfully or at least adequately within a culture, by naïve and delusional individuals, who silence, abuse, and devalue their existence.  Therefore, Black males are constantly struggling with the sentiment that their feelings, ideas, personalities and contributions are not valued or even recognized because of racism and prejudice.  Black males are also forced to circumscribe their frustrations and anger toward this inclination of invisibility for fear of incarceration, unemployment and other means of supporting one’s family.

One of the most common ways Black males deal with fear, uncertainty and discouragement is by internalizing it which often leads to hypertension, sleep disturbances, obesity, drug and alcohol abuse and violence.
Many of today’s Black males live their lives without questioning the human spirit.  They forget about their spiritual existence and what it means to be human and what each of them can become.
Let us, today, begin to remind Black males of who they truly are! They are chosen Spiritual Beings placed here to experience their journeys Humanly & Physically.

Curtis D. Jasper, PhD, is considered by many to be a Conscious Evolutionary Guide. With the drive to be aware and the experience of the wider horizon of Reality and Spirituality, Dr. Curt has developed an extensive background in the Spiritual and Transformative elements of life; one that is both knowledge and experienced based.  Dr. Curt is a Spiritual Practitioner, a Spiritual Counselor, an activist, an entrepreneur, and an Evolutionary Educator. He is a former teacher, principal and educational consultant. With a Spiritual synthesis of education, health & wellness, personal development, entrepreneurship & metaphysical counseling, Dr. Curt is commonly also regarded as a Minister of Education.  His focus has always been to Educate, Inspire & Change but his primary focal commitment centers around the plight of the Black Male in Today’s America and how he uses the teachings of Universal Spiritual Laws to counterbalance that existence.
His new book, lectures, speaking engagements and spiritual counseling practice will all be available 2014. Follow him on twitter @DrCurtisDJasper and on his Facebook Community Page- Dr. Curtis D. Jasper- The Maverick Metaphysician or on his Blog-


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