A week or so ago, I was blessed with an unfortunate incident that, under different circumstances, would have really caused me a setback.  While out celebrating with friends, I experienced a break-in and theft to my vehicle.  Both my wife and my bags containing our laptop computers and other important items were stolen.

To walk back to your car, parked in an open parking lot, and to see your window busted out is horrifying.  The blessings for me are that we weren’t hurt, the items taken were only material things and my feelings and emotions, while parking, were indicators.  Let me explain.  Remember at the beginning I described this unfortunate incident as a blessing—a disguised blessing but a blessing nonetheless?  The blessings surrounding the event sure outweigh the material losses.  I am thankful for these blessings but more importantly I am thankful for the spiritual wherewithal to be able to handle what many may describe as a great loss.

For the last 3-4 years, my faith has been strengthening as a result of a number of significant events which have taken place during that time.  The wisdom, self knowledge, faith, patience and groundedness I’ve been able to achieve has proven time and time again that all things happen for reasons we may never know nor understand.  For me, I say thanks!  Thank you very much to Source Energy, God, and Universal Intelligence!  Thank you very much for the experience of my experiences.  It is with these achievements that I feel privileged to help guide others during some of their greatest times of need.

What I got from the car theft incident is that had I really, really paid close attention and acknowledged how I felt about parking where I parked, things may have gone differently.  I’m not complaining nor am I going against my previous expression of gratitude and blessings, but I am saying that feelings are powerful indicators.  Feelings are gifts and many people describe such feelings as intuition, premonitions, gut feelings, instincts and more.  I refer to my deep inner feelings as Sacral.  My feelings about things typically show up in the lower abdominal region of my body, sometimes in the form of “butterflies”.  The awesome thing about paying close to my sacral is that it’s always accompanied by a verbal or sound response if it’s something positive and “butterflies” if I foresee resistance of some sort.  It usually sounds like an “ahh” or “uhh” in the pit of my stomach for positive choices.  But all the time, my sacral is personified with a verbal, tonal response.  On this day, I didn’t listen.  I didn’t hear it.  I couldn’t hear it because I was too busy being excited and overjoyed about seeing good friends. We were running late and I was rushing to get to the event.

It hit me again (my butterfly feelings) when the evening was over as I walked backed to my vehicle.  As soon as I got within approximately 25 feet of my vehicle in almost complete darkness, I was able to spot the shattered class. I wasn’t upset.  I was actually pretty excited about learning more and trusting more of my Human Design.

Life is great!  Life is trusting.  In my opinion, we are all designed with a specific Human Design that consistently provides all the information we need involving all areas of our lives.  I embrace mine.  I really, really embrace my Human Design.  Car and Renter’s Insurance will cover the losses as my personal insurance, my Human Design; my sacral indicator will continue to cover me.  When I choose to ignore it, it’s possible that I may experience some sort of resistance.  It’s definitely great to have insurance coverage for your vehicle and other personal, material goods.  What if there was a personal insurance policy we were all born with? Would you use it?

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