Making the choice to go Vegan was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made.  I didn’t necessarily plan on going Vegan but I was at a place in my life where I was becoming more and more concerned with my eating habits and overall nutrition.

I’d been actively working out for the last 10-12 years but I wasn’t really getting the physical results I thought I should.  I was in adequate shape and I wasn’t sickly or anything but I wasn’t sculpted or fit, like I’d plan.  With the amount of time I was spending working out without the results I needed, I knew it had to be my diet. I’ve even heard that a good workout plan was 90% diet and 10% workout.  I was so focused on the discipline of working out and focused on gaining muscle and getting bigger, I overlooked the most important component–the diet.

I began my research to improve my diet.  I started off by reading the highly recommended book The China Study.  Next, I watched Fat, Sick & Dying, Forks Over Knives and Food, Inc. All of these video documentaries changed my life…for ever.  I gave up meat, diary and alcohol.  I had already increased my fruit intake so adding vegetables, beans, nuts & grains and other plant foods wasn’t too big of a challenge.  I skipped over the faddish “vegetarian” stage and went straight Vegan.  No meat, no dairy of any kind and I’m glad I did.

I can’t begin to describe the health benefits I’ve experienced from my new food lifestyle. I can’t begin to describe my mental focus and clarity, weight loss, energy and other results.  I can’t begin to describe how happy I am with who I am spiritually, mentally, emotionally and even financially.

Most people think changing to eating healthy, whether it’s Vegan or Vegetarian, is very expensive.  Well guys, I’m here to tell you that for me it’s actually cheaper.  You must understand that changing your eating lifestyle is different from a diet. Commiting to go Vegan is a lifestyle change and it is within the overall lifestyle change that you will begin to see the differences fiancially speaking.  For example, for me, going Vegan meant no meat, no alcohol, no going out to watch football every Sunday and no building my lifestyle, activities and relationships around the notion of “what’s for dinner?” or “what do you have a taste for?” or even, “are you hungry?  Let’s go grab some___”.  All of my meals are planned.  I go shopping at the grocery store every three days or so.  I don’t plan my activities around food which means I don’t do alot of the things I used to do.  I’ve saved money by always traveling with snacks and fruit, eating fresh plant based foods at home, ordering only vegetable sides or plant based entrees, no unnecessary driving so I’m saving on gas, and no bar tabs.  This saves hundreds of dollars every single month.

I will eventually have to go shopping for new clothes because all of my clothes are too big now.  I’m not as muscular as I once was due to the elimination of GMO’s and other bad food choices but I’m healthier overall.  I’ve recently had a physical and blood work done and all systems are perfectly moving as they should. I’m now more sculpted, and fit and I”m in better shape in the last 12 months being a Vegan than working out 4-5 times per week for the last 10-12 years.
What’s for dinner-Permanently?  Plant-based, non-GMO, healthy, living food, of course.

Love & Light
Dr. Curt


Curtis D. Jasper, PhD, is considered by many to be a Conscious Evolutionary Guide. With the drive to be aware and the experience of the wider horizon of Reality and Spirituality, Dr. Curt has developed an extensive background in the Spiritual and Transformative elements of life; one that is both knowledge and experienced based.  Dr. Curt is a Spiritual Practitioner, a Spiritual Counselor, an activist, an entrepreneur, and an Evolutionary Educator. He is a former teacher, principal and educational consultant. With a Spiritual synthesis of education, health & wellness, personal development, entrepreneurship & metaphysical counseling, Dr. Curt is commonly also regarded as a Minister of Education.  His focus has always been to Educate, Inspire & Change but his primary focal commitment centers around the plight of the Black Male in Today’s America and how he uses the teachings of Universal Spiritual Laws to counterbalance that existence.

His new book, lectures, speaking engagements and spiritual counseling practice will all be available 2014. Follow him on twitter @DrCurtisDJasper and on his Facebook Community Page- Dr. Curtis D. Jasper- The Maverick Metaphysician or on his Blog-

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